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Item Title:Update of Parcel Tax Board Policies (10 Mins/Action)
Item Type:Action

Measure B1, which was passed in 2016, and Measure A, which was passed in 2020, both mandate triannual reports and oversight committees of a size, scope, and structure determined by the Board of Education.


Tonight staff is presenting a) a Board Policy for Measure A (BP BP 3471.02 - Use of Measure A Parcel Tax Funds); and b) proposed modifications for the Board Policy for Measure B1 (BP 3471.01 - Use of Measure B1 Parcel Tax Funds). The proposed language for both board policies call for combined triannual reports to the board and a combined oversight committee for both parcel tax programs. Staff believes this will facilitate oversight of the district’s comprehensive parcel tax program.


These items were brought for information at the September 22 Board of Education meeting and subsequently reviewed in the Board Policy Subcommittee on October 15. Changes requested by the Subcommittee are incorporated into the policies presented tonight.


Tonight staff is also presenting BP 3471, a general policy about parcel taxes developed by California School Boards Association.

AUSD LCAP Goals:1. Eliminate barriers to student success and maximize learning time.| 2a. Support all students in becoming college and career ready.| 2b. Support all English Learners (ELs) in becoming college and career ready.| 4. Ensure that all students have access to basic services.
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Recommendation:Approve as submitted.
AUSD Guiding Principle:#3 - Administrators must have the knowledge, leadership skills and ability to ensure student success.| #5 - Accountability, transparency, and trust are necessary at all levels of the organization.| #6 - Allocation of funds must support our vision, mission, and guiding principles.
Submitted By:Susan Davis, Senior Manager, Community Affairs

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CSBA BP 347110/20/2020Backup Material
BP 3471.01 Measure B110/20/2020Backup Material
BP 3471.02 Measure A10/20/2020Backup Material