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Item Title:Continued Discussion of AUSD's Secondary Math Program: Moving Toward an Integrated Pathway (10 Mins/Information)
Item Type:Information

At the February 27th Board of Education meeting, Superintendent Scuderi gave the Board and public information on AUSD’s Secondary Math Program. His presentation provided information on current district policies and goals which include:


  • Increase overall math performance
  • Have students make meaning with mathematics and see it in real life contexts
  • Ensure access and pathways to higher level math classes
  • Increase numbers of underrepresented students in higher level math classes


Tonight, staff return with a futher update to Superintendent's Scuderi's presentation from February 27th. The presentation will include:


  • Goals and Vision for the AUSD Math program grades 8-12
  • Developments in Math with a brief history of Math pre and post COVID 
  • Current Math performance and student voice through student survey
  • Next steps to introducing new pathways for accessing higher level math courses


At the May 14th Board of Education Meeting, staff will return with their recommendation for a new High School Math Curriculum and seek the Board's approval for adoption.



AUSD LCAP Goals:2a. Support all students in becoming college and career ready.| 4. Ensure that all students have access to basic services.
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Recommendation:This item is presented for information and will return to the Board for approval at a subsequent meeting.
AUSD Guiding Principle:#1 - All students have the ability to achieve academic and personal success.| #2 - Teachers must challenge and support all students to reach their highest academic and personal potential.| #4 - Parental involvement and community engagement are integral to student success.
Submitted By:Kirsten Zazo, Asst. Supt. of Ed. Services and Vernon Walton Ed.D., Director, Secondary Education

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