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Item Title:Approval of Measure I Bond Program Contracts (Standing Item)
Item Type:Action

Alameda voters approved Measure I in November 2014, and the Bond Program Project Schedule: Option 5A was approved at the April 14, 2015 board meeting.

As the bond program schedule dictates, there will be various contracts to come before the Board for approval.  Contracts may include construction bid contracts, architectural services contract addenda, and specialists/consultants agreements, to name a few.  Staff has created a standing board item to approve the bond program contracts to keep the bond program contracts separate from other contracts approval.


The following contracts related directly to the Measure I Bond Program are presented for ratification:

     1. Various Addenda to Quattrocchi Kwok Architects Master Architect Agreement for Measure I Bond Program Architectural Services:

a. No. 211510 - Bay Farm Elementary School Site Improvements for estimated costs of $158,800.00
b. No. 211511 - Otis Elementary School New Classrooms for estimated costs of $263,000.00
c. No. 211512 - Maya Lin Elementary School Modernization for estimated costs of  $282,500.00
d. No. 211513 - Donald Lum Elementary School Modernization for estimated costs of  $232,500.00
e.  No. 211514 - Alameda USD Technology and Communication District Standards for a fixed fee of $20,900 with reimbursable expenses not to exceed $1,000.00
f.  No. 211515 - Alameda USD Safety and Security District Standards for a fixed fee of $14,500.00



Goals:Routine Matter
Fund Codes: 21 Building – Bond Fund
Fiscal Analysis

Amount (Savings) (Cost):

Department Budget:
Recommendation:Approve as submitted.
AUSD Guiding Principle:#5 - Accountability, transparency, and trust are necessary at all levels of the organization.| #6 - Allocation of funds must support our vision, mission, and guiding principles.
Submitted By:Robert Clark, Ed.D., Chief Business Officer

DescriptionUpload DateType
Addendum 2115104/22/2015Backup Material
Addendum 2115114/22/2015Backup Material
Addendum 2115124/22/2015Backup Material
Addendum 2115134/22/2015Backup Material
Addendum 2115144/22/2015Backup Material
Addendum 2115154/22/2015Backup Material