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Item Title:Energy Conservation-Efficiency-Generation (CEG) Plan (15 Mins/Information)
Item Type:Information/Direction

At the March 24, 2015 board meeting, the Board directed staff to return to a future board meeting addressing the question of solar energy in AUSD. 


The District is committed to creating a Conservation-Efficiency-Generation (CEG) Plan.  The purpose of the Plan is to outline in detail the steps and actions the District can take to conserve electricity, to be more energy efficient, and to build electricity-generating structures.  To that end, an energy audit will be required to assess the current state of AUSD’s electricity use and provide recommendations for the CEG Plan’s implementation. 


To complete the CEG Plan, staff is recommending to the Board to direct staff to contract a consultant to conduct the energy audit, a consultant to perform a solar feasibility study, and a financial advisor to ascertain the best funding solution to AUSD based on the scope of work determined to be the best solar solution to AUSD’s schools.

NOTE: CEG Plan presentation will be uploaded for public view on Friday, April 24, 2015.
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Fiscal Analysis

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Recommendation:This item is presented for information only.
AUSD Guiding Principle:#6 - Allocation of funds must support our vision, mission, and guiding principles.
Submitted By:Robert Clark, Ed.D., Chief Business Officer

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