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Item Title:Resolution No. 2016-2017.19 In Support of Proposition 51 (The Kindergarten through Community College) Public Education Facilities Bond Act
Item Type:Consent

If approved, this resolution would show the Board’s support for Proposition 51. Proposition 51 is a ballot initiative sponsored by community and civic groups. The measure would authorize the state to issue bonds, the proceeds of which would be used to fund major repairs and improvements to state educational facilities. Currently, no such state funding is available for almost any such projects.


While the voters of Alameda approved a local bond in 2014, the proceeds of which will fund almost $180,000,000 in crucial projects at Alameda schools, the District’s most recent Facilities Master Report showed nearly $600,000,000 in needed projects within the District. State bond funding could be used to address some of those needs.

Goals:Routine Matter
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Fiscal Analysis

Amount (Savings) (Cost):

State bond proceeds could be used to fund some of the nearly $600,000,000 in needed projects identified in the Districts Facilities Master Report. Actual funds received would depend on eligibility criteria to be established by the state.
Department Budget:N/A
Recommendation:Approve as submitted.
AUSD Guiding Principle:#5 - Accountability, transparency, and trust are necessary at all levels of the organization.| #6 - Allocation of funds must support our vision, mission, and guiding principles.
Submitted By:Board Member Referral

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Resolution in Support of Prop 519/6/2016Resolution Letter