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Item Title:Homework Draft Policy Update (10 Mins/Information)
Item Type:Information

This item presents a draft policy revision for BP/AR 6154 (Homework/Makeup Work).  The draft is being presented with the intent that it be provided to school sites in the fall of 2018 for potential piloting and ongoing stakeholder input.  Following any changes informed by input, a proposed policy revision would be made to the Board in spring 2019 for full implementation in fall 2019.


The revised policy language is the result of a workgroup process beginning in spring 2017.  Following stakeholder input, the group was formed to review current AUSD policy and make recommendations on next steps for AUSD.  The workgroup included AUSD teachers and other staff, parents/guardians, and students.  During their process the workgroup reviewed current and model policies, reviewed research, and conducted a survey and focus groups. 


Some of the basic principles stated in the proposed language include:

·         Homework may be assigned when necessary to support classroom lessons, enable students to complete unfinished assignments, or review and apply academic content for better understanding.

·         The purpose of homework shall be to promote high quality student learning and achievement and to nurture a desire for students to extend their learning.

·         When assigned, homework will contribute to the healthy development of the whole student.


AUSD LCAP Goals:1. Eliminate barriers to student success and maximize learning time.| 2a. Support all students in becoming college and career ready.| 3. Support parent/guardian development as knowledgeable partners and effective advocates for student success.
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Recommendation:Approve as submitted.
AUSD Guiding Principle:#4 - Parental involvement and community engagement are integral to student success.| #5 - Accountability, transparency, and trust are necessary at all levels of the organization.
Submitted By:Steven Fong, Chief Academic Officer

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Presentation: Homework DRAFT Policy Update6/20/2018Cover Memo
DRAFT Revised AUSD Board Policy 6154 - Homework/Makeup Work6/20/2018Cover Memo