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Item Title:Review of Questions/Requests Received Through September 21, 2018 (15 Mins/Information)
Item Type:Information

At the September 4, 2018 meeting of the Committee to Consider High School Consolidation, the Committee asked to have a standing agenda item so that after each Committee meeting they would be able to submit questions to be answered by staff in preparation for the next meeting.


It was agreed that the deadline for submission of questions would be the Friday after each Committee meeting to give staff sufficient time to research and answer the questions.


The questions submitted between September 4th and September 21st and the answers to these questions are attached to this item.

AUSD LCAP Goals:1. Eliminate barriers to student success and maximize learning time.| 2a. Support all students in becoming college and career ready.| 3. Support parent/guardian development as knowledgeable partners and effective advocates for student success.| 4. Ensure that all students have access to basic services.
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Recommendation:This item is presented for information only.
AUSD Guiding Principle:#3 - Administrators must have the knowledge, leadership skills and ability to ensure student success.| #4 - Parental involvement and community engagement are integral to student success.| #5 - Accountability, transparency, and trust are necessary at all levels of the organization.
Submitted By:Brianna Garcia, School Services of California

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