January 19, 2022 - 6:00 PM

Facilities Community Workshop via Zoom

Zoom link and password, please see item A - Call to Order. All AUSD Board of Education Meetings are Recorded.

Adjournment will be no later than 10:30 PM for all regular and special meetings, unless extended by a majority vote of the Board. Writings relating to a board meeting agenda item that are distributed to at least a majority of the Board members less than 72 hours before the noticed meeting, and that are public records not otherwise exempt from disclosure, will be available for inspection at the District administrative offices, 2060 Challenger Drive, Alameda, CA. Such writings may also be available on the District's website. (Govt Code 54957.5b).


Individuals who require special accommodations (American Sign Language interpreter, accessible seating, documentation in accessible format, etc.) should contact Kerri Lonergan, Assistant to the Superintendent, at 337-7101 as soon as possible preceding the meeting.


Please submit a "Request to Address the Board" slip to Kerri Lonergan, Assistant to the Superintendent, prior to the introduction of the item. For meeting facilitation, please submit the slip at your earliest possible convenience. Upon recognition by the President of the Board, please come to the podium and identify yourself prior to speaking. The Board of Education reserves the right to limit speaking time to three (3) minutes or fewer per individual. Speakers are permitted to yield their time to one other speaker, however no one speaker shall have more than four (4) minutes. The public may comment on each item listed as the item is taken up. The Board reserves the right to limit public comment on agenda items to ten (10) minutes per item. The Board may, with the consent of persons representing both sides of an issue, allocate a block of time to each side to present their issue.

Call to Order - 6:00pm - Introduction of Board Members and Staff via  Zoom video conference


Join Zoom Meeting:

  Meeting ID: 824 4191 8526


To view meeting on Facebook Live at 6:00 PM, please click on the following link:



VIDEO2.Pledge of Allegiance - Board of Education President Jennifer Williams will lead the Pledge of Allegiance
B.MODIFICATION(S) OF THE AGENDA - The Board may change the order of business including, but not limited to, an announcement that an agenda item will be considered out of order, withdrawn, postponed, or rescheduled.
VIDEOC.BUSINESS – Informational reports and action items are presented under this section.
VIDEO1.Community Workshop - Proposed Facilities Master Plan (15 Minutes/Information)